T. M. Brenner (Tim) graduated from Portland State University in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science. His knowledge and experience with technology have shaped much of his writing. Since then he's worked in a number of technology related jobs, including Software and Web Development. In addition to Computer Science, Tim studied Art in college. He uses his artistic skills to create the covers you currently see on his books.

Tim's renewed passion for writing began in 2009 when he started writing the screenplay N01R. After finishing N01R, Tim felt the urge to write another screenplay titled The Appearance of Evil. It's a very dark tale, based on the idea that a famous actor hires a company to fake his death.

Tim's first novel, Luminaries, was well received. Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Orson Welles, each imbued with psychic powers, team up to hunt down an international serial killer. His next two books he wrote under a pen name, which will be re-released under the titles Clandestined and Clandestined: Dark Times.

His 4th novel, Sky Child, is YA Dystopian Fantasy with a twist. The main character's gender is never revealed. He did this deliberately, so that the story resonates with readers from every walk of life. His 5th book, Sky Machine, is the sequel to Sky Child, and continues where the first one left off. Tim takes the story in a radically different direction from Sky Child to keep things fresh and interesting, and includes Sci-fi elements.

In his spare time he enjoys sampling wines from all over the world, smoking the occasional cigar, cooking, billiards, and listening to old time radio shows like The Adventures of Philip Marlowe and Richard Diamond, Private Detective.

When Tim's not actively writing, he's spending time with his amazing wife and editor, Nicole.